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Shandong Taiqi Electric Vehicle Co., LTD, enterprise introduction

Shandong Taiqi electric vehicle Co., LTD. Is located in shandong province ShouGuangShi taifeng high and new technology industrial park, covering a total area of 500 mu, is a professional in the battery, the BMS, electric vehicles and electric vehicle research, development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. Shandong Thai steam is currently in the shandong shouguang, Qingdao, wuhan, owned a holding company.

The company promptly seize the country to the development of new energy industry opportunities, independent research and development of high quality electric cars, and cooperation with Germany developing international market, rapidly implement industrialization scale effect, with the fastest speed in the new industry and market taken an important field seats. The product mainly focus on high performance venues and police patrol car, tour bus, car, environmental sanitation car, logistics pure electric special vehicle, low-speed electric automobile, etc, the products level in the market leading position.

At the same time, the company relies on the power, developed with independent intellectual property rights by the high performance of lithium ion battery power for the two to four seats, low speed electric car, product contour artistic, superior performance. In many customers around the country continued to arrive at the same time, with the United States, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and DuoGe countries customers has also realize cooperation, has great potential. The company was about to make the current batch production, market prospect is very considerable.

The r&d center with abundant strength, has the domestic first-class technology, the scientific research level and participate in a number of national "863 project" major subject research, now and Beijing non-ferrous metals research institute, Chinese academy of sciences and the Chinese academy of sciences shenyang electric automation research institute, Qingdao university, shandong university of science and technology, wuhan university scientific research institution and the domestic famous universities, the company currently has access to a number of national patent. The company is a science and technology progress as the guidance, condenses the national first-class research strength, to make the national first-class brand electric vehicles.

Following the new energy industry the constant development and expansion of the pace, the company plans to invest 1.5 billion yuan, in the next 5 years to realize an annual output of 100000 cars electric car battery, motor vehicle and including, electronic electric car key components in production capacity. Strive to be the electric car, to the advanced level of the industry field, one of the top new ones.

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